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Common problems during road stud reflector installation

2021-12-28 14:01:20.547

With the wide application of road stud reflector in domestic high-grade highways and municipal roads, the quality and service life of road stud reflector have received more attention. In the actual application process, the road stud reflector is damaged and the service life is reduced frequently due to installation problems. Based on years of construction experience, the author summarizes the problems that often occur during the installation of road stud reflector, and proposes a reasonable installation method. I hope to discuss with colleagues in the transportation industry.

Standard and application of E-MARK reflector products

2021-12-28 14:00:48.817

E-mark reflector products is a high-tech optical reflector designed for high-resolution DSLR cameras. It increases the light transmission through the lens for a better optical rendition of the original image as well as reducing the dark areas of a cropped picture.Note that the resolution of a camera may be considerably more or less than that of an optical reflector. Also, the resolution of an objective lens may be less than that of the camera's camera sensor.

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